Art and Design

Our Curriculum

Through Art and Design students are provided opportunities to enrich their love of learning and nurtured to promote positive wellbeing and confidence in themselves and their abilities. The formal elements of art and key terminology are delivered to students through a range of projects. These projects encourage students to work both independently and as part of a group.

Students are introduced to basic key skills, techniques and processes in which the formal elements are embedded and built on throughout their time at New Skill Centre. Projects are designed to enhance and develop skills, techniques and processes. This is achieved through revisiting each content strand in a project, providing the opportunity to increase proficiency whilst encouraging creative thinking, risk-taking and confidence building. These skills include developing and progressing ideas through a range of media, materials and processes. Each project has a contextual element ensuring students acquire knowledge of other cultures, artists, designers or crafts people from ancient times to present day. Influence of this will be emerging within their work.

Opportunities to record observations beyond the classroom through offsite trips and visits extend and broaden their knowledge of the world around them. Trips and visits are often coordinated across the curriculum to embed concepts and further cement real world purposeful learning experiences.

Projects are linked through skills to possible careers and industry, reiterating real world experiences and raising aspirations.

The Teacher

Kate Orbell