Our Curriculum

Learning a foreign language encourages an appreciation of other cultures and ways of life. It fosters curiosity and deepens students’ understanding of the world, enhancing respect and tolerance of others. It also provides the foundation for learning further languages in the future, which gives access to a wider range of careers opportunities and even the possibility for young people to study and work in other countries. Furthermore, research suggests that learning a foreign language contributes to improved literacy and oracy skills through the development of language-learning strategies, which in turn can improve attainment across all subjects.

At New Skill Centre, all students in KS3 learn French. The primary aim of the curriculum is for students to learn functional/transactional language that will enable them to communicate and understand a persons needs, useful information such as directions & personal information. The language is taught through a variety of strategies, with the aim of engaging students through fun, yet purposeful activities, whereby the main focus is on developing students’ speaking & listening skills.

We have chosen to study French as it is the first or second language in more than 40 countries around the world and is spoken by approximately 125 million people. Learning French therefore increases your ability to communicate with others when visiting or living in a non-English speaking country or when meeting people from other countries.

The Teacher

Kellie Duke

French teacher