Home Cooking Skills

Our Curriculum

The social, emotional wellbeing of students is at the heart of Home Cooking Skills. The curriculum is designed to engage, enthuse and motivate students to develop a love of food, whilst promoting confidence and skills for life and independent living. Students develop these skills, techniques and processes across a variety of recipes whilst being taught to work safely and hygienically in the kitchen. They will also develop and strengthen their gross motor skills and improve their dexterity of fine motor skills.

Revisiting and building upon key skills, techniques and processes allow students to show progress and demonstrate confidence in their use. Ensuring students have a voice and opportunities for choice within the curriculum are built in alongside the promotion of independent learning, communication and interaction skills within a safe and nurturing environment.

We embed the key skills of preparing and storing food safely, personal hygiene and knowing when food is cooked. Manufacturing, seasonality of food and the impact of cost and budgeting also feature within the curriculum. A healthy varied diet is promoted through raising awareness and discussion, with reference to the Eatwell guide. All this is learnt in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

The Teacher

Kate Orbell