Headteachers Welcome

Welcome to the New Skill Centre. We are an Independent Special Educational Needs (SEN) School for pupils aged 11-16 and 16-19 who have difficulty in accessing mainstream settings and other large educational institutions.

At the New Skill Centre, we strive to improve life chances of every young person who we work with by providing a holistic and supportive approach to teaching and learning. This is delivered through classroom teaching, personalised learning and meaningful interventions enabling every young person the opportunity to reach their potential and gain the success that they deserve.

We are committed to enabling our pupils to overcome their challenges through supporting their academic and social and emotional development. At the New Skill Centre, this is achieved though access to a broad and balanced curriculum, matched to individual need and therapeutic interventions.

At the New Skill Centre, we prioritise working closely and in partnership with all stakeholders, including other professionals and specialist agencies, but especially parents and carers. As a school, we prioritise a strong focus on pastoral support and as such have a dedicated Pastoral and Transition Lead who directly supports pupil transition to the setting and provides individual support for every pupil, throughout the time they are with us.
I am privileged to work alongside such a high quality, experienced and committed staff team who all work extremely hard in providing the best possible educational experience for pupils. We are a dedicated and passionate team, ready to support young people to develop their knowledge and skills to help prepare them for the next stages in their lives.

I would like to extend a very warm welcome and myself and my colleagues look forward to meeting with you in the future.
If you would like to know more about the New Skill Centre and what we do then please feel free to contact me.


Mark Winston, Headteacher