School Advisory Board

The Proprietor, Jo Kerley has established the New Skill Centre Advisory Board to assist in the effective oversight and scrutiny of the standards of education provided for the pupils who are on the school roll and to provide the necessary local support and supervision.

The New Skill Centre Advisory Board works as a ‘whole team’, meeting three times per academic year, once in each term. An agenda for each meeting will include all the tasks which the Advisory Board is required to consider and the Advisory Board will ‘commission’ assignments or activities arising from the business of the meeting, which will be recorded in the minutes.

The Advisory Board will review and monitor compliance against the Independent School Standards with any recommendations for approval made to the Proprietor.

The Proprietor has delegated the following areas for monitoring by the School Advisory Board:
  1. Quality of Education
  2. School Improvement
  3. Compliance with statutory policies
  4. Safeguarding compliance
  5. Health and safety compliance
  6. Premises
  7. Student and Staff wellbeing

Our advisory board is comprised of the following members;

  •  Libby Page, Chair of School Advisory Board (Quality of Education/SEND, Compliance, School Improvement)
  • Jo Kerley, Proprietor (Health and Safety, Compliance, Premises, School Improvement)
  • Gemma Keys, Member (Safeguarding)
  • Alison Embley, Member (Student and staff wellbeing, Quality of Education)